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With Font Hero you can register fonts in WordPress in tree ways.

  1. Google Font
  2. Custom Font
  3. Typekit Font (Adobe Font)

Google Fonts

Google Fonts is an extensive library of free, open-source fonts provided by Google. It offers a diverse collection of typefaces that cater to various design needs, from classic and elegant to modern and quirky. Google Fonts is widely used by web designers, developers, and enthusiasts to enhance the typography of websites and digital projects.

Custom Fonts

Custom fonts for WordPress empower website owners and developers to go beyond the standard font choices bundled with WordPress themes. Instead of being limited to the fonts pre-installed in a theme, custom fonts enable users to incorporate a vast array of typefaces that reflect their brand identity and design preferences. By integrating these unique fonts, users can tailor the typography of their WordPress sites to align with their brand aesthetics, enhance readability, and establish a distinctive visual identity. This customization capability offers a creative opportunity to craft a website’s look and feel, elevating it from a generic appearance to a more personalized and engaging user experience.

TypeKit Fonts

Typekit Fonts, now known as Adobe Fonts, is a subscription-based font service offered by Adobe. It provides access to a vast library of high-quality fonts that users can easily integrate into their web projects, desktop applications, and creative workflows.

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