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Enhance Your Design with Custom Font Pairings


Are you looking for a way to make your website stand out with unique font pairings? We have a solution for you! We offer the option to self-host custom fonts and provide 16 beautiful, professionally crafted font pairings. Each font pairing comes with three font families to give you a richer and better design experience. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of importing a font group and applying it to your design.

Step 1: Choose Your Font Pairing

To begin, browse through our collection of 16 pre-defined font pairings. Each pairing includes three font families: one for headlines, one for sub-headlines, and one for body text. This combination allows for a harmonious and well-balanced design. Once you’ve found a font pairing you like, simply press “Import Font Group” and everything will be loaded and set up for you automatically. There’s no need to press “Save” after importing the font pairing.

Step 2: Apply Your Font Pairing to Your Page

Now that you’ve imported your chosen font pairing, let’s see it in action. Navigate to the page where you’d like to apply the new fonts. In the font family settings, you can switch the default font to the new headline, sub-headline, and body fonts. After making these changes, press “Update” and then “Preview” to see your new font pairing applied to your design.

Step 3: Test and Adjust Your Font Pairing

If you’re not satisfied with the initial font pairing, you can easily choose another one. Simply return to the font pairing selection, pick a different pairing, and import it. Once you’ve done this, refresh your page to see the new fonts applied. This one-click solution allows you to test multiple font pairings quickly and efficiently, helping you find the perfect combination for your design.

Compatibility with Page Builders:

Our font pairings work seamlessly with Gutenberg, Bricks, and Oxygen Builders. Just set up the desired font families and switch between them with a single click.


Enhancing your design with custom font pairings has never been easier. With our professionally crafted font groups and one-click solution, you can quickly and easily find the perfect combination for your website. Give it a try and watch your design come to life with beautiful typography. Thank you for reading, and happy designing!