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Enable System Fonts

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In addition to uploading custom fonts, we also offer the option to register system fonts on our platform. By default, this feature is disabled, but you can easily enable it by going to the “Features” section and checking the “System Fonts” box, then saving your changes.

Once enabled, the font faces and families of system fonts will be registered in our CSS. However, if a specific font is not available on the user’s machine, it will fall back to a default font. For example, if San Francisco is not available, it will fall back to Helvetica, and then to Lucida Grande, Ubuntu, Roboto, Droid, and other similar fonts.

If a user has a specific font installed on their machine, our platform will pick it up and use it instead of loading any fonts from the server. This means that your website will load much faster since it doesn’t have to download any additional fonts.

We understand that not all users may need system fonts for their design or development, which is why we have disabled this feature by default. However, for those who do need it, enabling system fonts can be a useful tool for creating unique and customized designs.