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The WP Admin Cleaner plugin offers a feature that allows you to restyle the WordPress login page, which by default looks a bit outdated.

First, you can adjust the page’s text color which will affect the labels and other text. Additionally, you can modify the background color, form background color, and button style. For instance, by setting a darker background and adjusting the form background to a lighter shade, you’re already able to create a more modern appearance.

Further personalization includes adding a background image and modifying its overlay for better text readability. You can also change the logo and its dimensions to better suit your brand.

If you desire a different look, the plugin offers predefined themes. For example, there are ‘Plain Light’ and ‘Plain Dark’ themes. It’s crucial to note that when you apply these themes, they override your current settings. You also have the option for a half-screen image with light or dark themes.

To go a step further, the WP Admin Cleaner allows you to inject custom CSS to create a truly personalized login page. If you’re starting from scratch, there’s a GitHub Gist available with a basic CSS template that you can modify as needed.

Let’s say you want to adjust the background image properties; you can use the ‘Inspect’ tool in your browser to determine the CSS elements to modify, then insert these into the custom CSS field in the WP Admin Cleaner.

In summary, with just a few tweaks in the WP Admin Cleaner, you can transform the default WordPress login page into a modern and personalized interface, enhancing your brand’s image and user experience.


From the version 1.7.0 Uploading logo will effect top bar as well.

WordPress – Enable Login Security

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The WP Admin Cleaner plugin also introduces an important security feature. When enabled, this feature lets you customize your login URL. Instead of using the standard ‘wp/login’ URL, which can be easily guessed by bots, you can change it to something more unique.

For example, by default, the plugin changes the URL to ‘login’. Therefore, if someone tries to access ‘wp/login’, they’ll be redirected to a 404 error page. This helps improve your site’s security, as bots often attempt to find your login page by typing your website URL followed by ‘wp/login’. Changing it to a custom URL significantly reduces the chance of unauthorized access.

Remember, you can set this custom URL to anything that suits your needs, thereby increasing the security of your WordPress site.

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