WP Admin Cleaner

Roles Settings: Change Super User

The full potential of WP Admin Cleaner is available only to the Super User with ID 1. However, due to security reasons, some developers are deleting users with the ID 1, which can cause issues. To address this concern, we have introduced an option to change the Super User, allowing you to designate another user as the Super User.

By changing the Super User, you can ensure that critical functionalities and access provided by WP Admin Cleaner remain available even if the original Super User with ID 1 is deleted. This way, you can maintain the security and control of your WordPress website while avoiding any potential pitfalls caused by the deletion of the default Super User.

Navigate to the Roles tab and in Manage Admins section you can choose new Super user from dropdown.

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screenshot 2023 08 02 at 14.49.52