Once you are ready with your website development it’s end of puling robust framework and it’s time replacing it with optimised one.

Compile our production ready CSS.

  1. Click in the topbar sidebar icon Options to expand compile options.
  2. Hit the Create button
  3. You will see that process started and you will see Waiting badge. Now hit Refresh button
  4. Hit the Refresh button until badge change to Completed
  5. Navigate to the Settings in the top bar
  6. Enable settings Use cache instead of CDN
  7. Click Update
  8. You are ready for production!
screenshot 2024 04 29 at 12.03.39
screenshot 2024 04 29 at 12.03.44
screenshot 2024 04 29 at 12.03.53
screenshot 2024 04 29 at 12.04.01
screenshot 2024 04 29 at 12.06.01

Now Winden will start pulling optimised production ready CSS and you will not see warning in the console that “ should not be used in production. To use Tailwind CSS in production, install it as a PostCSS plugin or use the Tailwind CLI:”

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