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Why we moved to ESM import?

ECMAScript Modules (ESM) represent the modern standard for structuring and packaging JavaScript code, offering native support in both browsers and Node.js. ESM’s adoption brings several benefits, including native module loading without the need for additional tools, efficient code splitting through dynamic imports, and improved optimization possibilities such as tree shaking, which eliminates unused code. These features make ESM a more efficient and future-proof choice for JavaScript development, aligning with current best practices and enhancing performance and maintainability of web applications.

If you go the Tailwind Play you can see that under config tab they also moved to ESM, and they are moved from module.exports to the export default

tailwind playground

What is ESM.SH is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) that serves NPM packages as ES Modules (ESM). This service allows developers to import any NPM package directly into their projects using ESM syntax, without needing to bundle them locally. By converting CommonJS packages (or other formats) to ESM on the fly, facilitates the use of thousands of packages in modern web applications that support ESM, streamlining development workflows and enabling developers to leverage the vast ecosystem of NPM packages in environments that prioritize ES Module syntax. This is particularly useful for projects that aim to take full advantage of modern browser capabilities and the module system standardized in ECMAScript.

What is Skypack

Skypack is free to use for personal and commercial purposes, forever. The basic CDN is production-ready and is backed by Cloudflare, Google Cloud, and AWS. We’re fully committed to building a core piece of infrastructure you can rely on.

How to use import from CDN

Open plugin documentation and under Example config for Node.js and find what you need to paste for “require” and paste that after CND URL.

Once you paste it you will get + version number. (

Or you can paste it after


Our preferred choice is since we found out that daisyUI package have a bug on the For the rest of the packages both should work just fine, but please test between those two as we can not be responsible for CDN delivery.

You can import it with or without version number.

Example Import

import daisyui from ''
plugins: [


You can notice that under plugin we do not write requite just comma separated plugin name from the import. You can in import also call it “daisy” without “UI” and then you would write “daisy” under plugins: [ ]

DaisyUI Example


daisyui example

Fluid Typography Example


fluid typography example

Flowbite Example



You can see here that instead of just “flowbite” they are using “flowbite/plugin”

flowbite example

How to use ESM.SH Video

Example Import

import daisyui from ''