2.1.0 – 26th Jun 2024


  • Bricks Builder Dynamic data. Fetch data for Colors, Font Family and Breakpoints
  • Oxygen Builder Dynamic data. Fetch data for Colors, Font Family, Font Sizes and Breakpoints
  • Gutenebrg (FSE) Dynamic data. Fetch data for Colors, Font Family and Space (Padding, Marging, Gap)

2.0.8 – 27th May 2024


  • Support for Oxygen 4.8.3 meta keys

2.0.7 – 21st May 2024


  • Bypass Oxygen limitations with class name that have dot. Example: gap-1.5 


2.0.6 – 15th May 2024


  • Important ! was not working with breakpoint lg:!hidden


2.0.5 – 14 May 2024


  • SCSS was not working with CDN

  • Important ! was not working with hover:!

2.0.4 – 3 Mart 2024


  • Style gallery
  • Color picker  in style tab


  • Updated way of way how to craw classes and tested with 3000+ posts

  • Gutenberg plain classes  now have priority order. Biggest problem were add-on such as Generate Press that ads extra items in the panel

  • In Plain Classes Oxygen we increased the tags max number to 50 instead of 10, and autocomplete options to 20 instead of 10.


  • Winden SCSS issue

  • Autocomplete values loaded twice

  • Winden Loaded in classing editor

  • Styles not working from bricks tagify classes



2.0.3 – 23 Apri 2024


  • Custom autocomplete inside code editor based on your configuration settings. Same as you have in plain classes
  • Added predefined autocomplete for @apply@screens@config@layer
  • Plain Classes Bricks now packed with Winden
  • Plain Classes Oxygen now packed with Winden
  • Plain Classes Gutenberg now packed with Winden


  • Added important on the editors iframe root level to bypass editors defaults. This will not effect front end. Only it will make more realisting preview without user needs to use important inside editor
  • Bricks Plain Classes – Added copy and paste classes button
  • [&>] was not fetched as gutenberg was converting \”&\” and \”\” to unicode
  • Included tailwind first-party plugins to be able to import resolve config
  • Updated handling of modules in browser to reduce console errors when working with CDN
  • Files scanner is now improved with dynamic path in case wp-content is moved. LocalWP app and other servers are doing that by the default
  • Cashed files are now improved with dynamic path in case wp-content is moved. LocalWP app and other servers are doing that by the default
  • Security updates


  • Fixed @wordpress/interactivity Error when using CDN
  • Conflict with Gutenberg blocks that use API v2
  • Tailwind CSS was effecting in Gutenberg admin area
  • Classes after line breaks in plain classes gutenberg was not fetched
  • Licence error after website change domain. It was giving error if you want to deactivate licence after migration
  • Dequeue Oxygen Styles was interfering with code block


  • Fix: Oxygen Template was not scanned
  • Improvement: if oxygen cache exist it will be loaded after oxygen cache


  • Fix: Disconnected from server if compile with config error


  • Completely new version of Winden. It\’s rebuild from ground zero with modern technology. Follow our docs on how to migrate from version 1 to version 2.


  • Small UI tweaks


  • Fix: Issue on the shipped plugin zip file
  • Fix: Redundant invalid license notice on the admin page
  • [Bricks] Improve: scan classes from the Editor\’s element panel Style → CSS → CSS classes.


  • [Pinegrow] New: The cached CSS now will include the Pinegrow\’s project.
  • [Pinegrow] New: Pinegrow\’s preview integration


  • Fix: CDN is not loaded properly


  • [Pinegrow] New: Pinegrow editor integration for Blocks for an existing site → Custom CSS project. Enable the integration on the Winden\’s setting page


  • Fix: Exclude tailwindcss/defaultTheme from the worker\’s required modules


  • New: Initial Pinegrow integration
  • Change: Redesign the setting page\’s user interface


  • New: Winden website now available on
  • Change: Update some action and filter hooks name


  • Change: Remove the 1st-party tailwind-plugin (forms,typography,aspect-ratio,line-clamp) from the default preset
  • Fix: Worker misinterpreted the tailwind config if using tailwind-plugins


  • [Bricks] New: Placeholder to sync with Bricks\’ breakpoint setting
  • Improved: Seamless worker support for local development
  • Fix: Error on license-setting page if migrating a site with license activated
  • Change: Updating all action and filter hooks name



  • New: Zion Builder integration
  • Change: The Tailwind config field for the worker was removed from the setting page
  • Change: The NPM package field for the worker was removed from the setting page and adjusted to have the same behavior as the CDN
  • New: The Global CSS field changed on the setting page will be synced instantly to the frontend and editor without the need to reload the page
  • Improved: The code editor of Global CSS and Tailwind Config now has full-width and growable height


  • [Gutenberg] New: Support Gutenberg FSE (Full Site Editor)
  • [Gutenberg] New: Support inline Preview of Custom HTML block
  • Fix: Escaped class names when generating CSS cache that resulting failed to cache


  • Fix: Error on migrating a site with license activated


  • Fix: Race condition between Tailwind CDN and Modules


  • Change: The frontend CDN will now be enqueued in the header instead of footer
  • New: Cwicly integration



  • [Bricks] New: Dequeue Bricks\’ default stylesheet


  • [Oxygen] Fix: Plain Classes autocomplete integration


  • New: All require on the CDN configuration will load the appropriate package from CDN. This behavior is copied from Tailwind Play.
  • [Bricks] New: Register autocomplete to Brick\’s Global Classes index


  • New: Rebranded as \”Winden\”
  • New: Bricks integration