Files Manager

  1. Files List
  2. File Edit Mode
  3. Create File
  4. Create Folder
  5. Upload Files
  6. Go level up
  7. Go level down (Open folder)
  8. Open File Edit Mode
  9. Sidebar
  10. Contextual menu

Files List

This tab is always present and cannot be closed, as it is the starting point of the Files Manager feature. Here, you can view all files and folders inside the WordPress root directory.

From here, you can open files and folders, create files and folders, and upload ZIP files.

Create File and Folder

Once you press one of those two buttons, you will be prompted with a modal to enter a name.

screenshot 2024 02 07 at 15.13.50

Upload zip

Will open a modal where you can drag and drop a ZIP file.

screenshot 2024 02 07 at 15.15.24

File Edit Mode

Once you click on the file, it will open in a new tab. The editor is a full-featured Monaco Editor, similar to the one used for Scripts Organizer and Winden. With the Monaco Editor, you will get a Visual Studio experience.

  1. If you need more space you can open editor in full screen as well.
  2. In the middle of the top tab you can see location and file name
  3. And on the right you have save update.

We also have shortcut for save CTRL (Command) + S

files manager file tab fullscreen

This feature will help you navigate quickly through deeper levels of the file structure. If you have more than one tab open and the files tab is not active, once you click on the Sidebar, the “Files” tab will automatically become active.

Contextual menu

Pressing the right click will get you app experience where you can get extra features.

  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • ————
  • Rename
  • ————
  • Compress
  • Uncompress
  • Download
  • ————
  • Delete

At this point, we are not checking whether you click on a .ZIP archive or not, and we are displaying “Uncompress” anyway.

This issue should be resolved in future releases.

devkit right click

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