1.2.2 – 14 May 2024


  • Allowed editing dot (.) files in the root
  • Added Edit in the right click options


1.2.1 – 24 April 2024


  • Exclude zip from the code editor
  • Do not display Uncompress if it\’s not .zip
  • Alert : A notice when Uncompressing, that it will replace the files/folders
  • Include name of the file/folder to the delete dialog

Bug Fix

  • Resolved adding extra slash when file manager is saving file


1.2.0 – 22 March 2024

  •  Feature:
    • Thumbnails Manager
      • Remove images by size
      • Register new image sizes
      • Delete registered image sizes
      • Copy code for registering images sizes
    • Define custom error log file path
  • Updates
    • Adminer localhost port check. Some websites use localhost but some use localhost:3306 etc
    • Updated warning for php
    • Security update for EDD


  •  Feature:
    • Added Download. You can now download file or folder. If you try to download folder it will be zipped and then downloaded. 


  •  Feature:
    • Added Cut, Copy and Paste inside contextual menu
    • Settings page. Debug options and Hide Devkit and Enable Adminer are moved to the Settings page
  • Update: 
    • Code Editor line wrap instead of horizontal scroll. We can add toggle in the feature
    • Added alert when you try to delete file or folder
    • Improved UX grouping in the contextual menu. Added lines in between groups and delete is at the bottom of the list
    • Improved Compress and Uncompress cases with subfolders
    • Improved created folder and files
    • Files Manager code refactor for better performance
    • Excluded node_modules inside Files Manager  sidebar for better performance
  • Bug Fix: 
    • Monaco editor does not change content when you switching between tabs
    • Delete does not work in Windows setups


  • Update
    • Added toggle to enable Adminer (Database manager)
    • In the website also added name PRO to remove confusion between free and pro.
  • Bug Fix:
    • Fixed plugin not getting updates after website migration. You will need to manually upgrade it by downloading from the dashboard. Starting from Version 1.1.1, proper update notifications will be received.


  •  Feature
    • Files Manager. Create files and folders. Upload files. Compress. Uncompress. Write code in Monaco editor. 
    • Database Manager. Manage your database from WordPress, without need to use bloated apps like PHP My Admin
  • Update
    • Read Log is now in the separate tab.
    • Read Log. Added shortcut to reload. 



  • Release
    • Upload single or multiple plugins
    • Overwrite existing plugin version
    • Upload single or multiple themes
    • Overwrite existing theme
    • WordPress Database and Files Reset 
    • System info
    • Debug tools
    • Read error log