Error Log

  1. Reload Error Log
  2. Date and Time of the log update
  3. Error log content
  4. Clear log
error log

Reload Error Log

Instead of reloading the entire browser, we have added the CTRL (Command) + R shortcut to help you refresh the list.

Date and Time

To ensure the log is up-to-date, we have added the date and time of the latest update to the log.

Error log content

By default, the error log is a file located on your server. To access it, you would need FTP access or an FTP plugin. You have to locate, download, and open the file. Since the error log is constantly updating, it’s much easier to have it displayed within WordPress, with updates visible upon page reload.

In the section title, you can also see a timestamp indicating the last update. This timestamp does not change on reload. It only updates if something happens in your WordPress that triggers a notification and update in the error log.

Clear error log

Error logs can grow very long very quickly, making them difficult to manage. That’s why we have added an option to clear the log.

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