Swiss Knife Bricks


swiss knife bricks 1

Swiss Knife for Bricks is handful set of features that will speed up your workflow


⚛️ Scripts manager :

Register or enqueue Script libraries and CSS Frameworks from CDN

Self-host Registered or enqueued Script libraries and CSS Frameworks

⚡️Convert HTML to Bricks Builder Elements :

Use your favorite IDE (VS, Sublime …) to write HTML and paste as Bricks Elements

Copy the code from any website and paste it as Bricks Elements

The perfect way to transfer static website templates into Dynamic Bricks Website

✂️ Multi-select, multi-edits :

Select multiple elements and edit multiple styles at once

Select multiple elements and attach multiple classes at once

🔓 Copy & Paste Classes :

Build once and reuse everywhere

Added option to the right click to copy-paste classes

⚖️ HTML Editor to create elements :

Write plain HTML and convert it to Bricks Elements

HTML editor is powered with Emmet autocomplete

⚡️Plain Classes :

Write classes as plain classes rather than tags.

It is much easier and faster to edit class values

You don’t need to load tailwind classes into the database

Comparison with other tools

There is no similar plugin in the marked in Bricks ecosystem that can do this what Swiss Knife can. If you find it please let us know.