Swiss Knife Bricks

Plain Classes

Enable the feature

This feature is disabled by the default.
Check Enable Plain Classes and save changes.


Once activated it will be displayed above Bricks Builder Classes every time you select some Bricks Builder element.

Plain Classes vs Bricks Classes

Writhing classes and editing them is much easier if the class is plain text and not presented as not editable tag.

Example if you need to change background from bg-blue-100 to bg-blue-300. In Bricks class system you need to delete entire class and add new one. In Plain Classes you only need to change number 1 to 3.


In version 1.0 we added Tailwind autocomplete that is fetched from Winden JSON file.

  1. Go to Winden > General > Enable Autocomplete
  2. Save Changes
  3. Re-generate autocomplete
  4. Wait for status change from the Pending to **Success**.

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