Swiss Knife Bricks


1.1.1  – Jun 7th 2024


  • Optimised code from 250kb to 75kb
  • Multi-select feature conflicts with rename

  • Add group-hover in autocomplete prefix

  • Copy Paste displayed twice for nested elements

  • Classes not shown with multi-select. We will display classes from last selected element now so user does not need to retire already existing

  • When pasting small tag it\’s converted to div

  • Pasting classes issue

  • Copy paste buttons are not showing sometimes

  • Allow comma ( , ) in class names

  • Adding hover: is not working properly

  • Tagify performance is optimised and improved



  • Features:
    • Added first keyboard shortcuts to move UP and DOWN element inside structure panel
  • Update: 
    • Rebuild UI 
    • Rebuild Paste HTML to Bricks components
    • Rebuild inser HTML to Bricks components and replaced CodeMirror with Monaco Editor
    • Rebuild multi select
    • Rebuild plain classes and now optimised for Winden 2.0
    • Rebuild copy paste classes


  • Bug fix. Having Code editor code inside header was causing tailwind issues


  • Bug fix Multiple select: Fixed bug made with Bricks 1.7


  • Bug fix PlainClasses: Check if JSON file exist
  • Bug fix Multi-select
  • Bug fix Scripts Manager
  • Code optimisation
  • Update PlainClasses: Disabled spell check in text area
  • Update Admin Area


  • Bug fix Clipboard: Paste SVG


  • Initial release