Category: Swiss Knife Bricks

  • Changelog

  • Introduction

    Features ⚛️ Scripts manager : Register or enqueue Script libraries and CSS Frameworks from CDN Self-host Registered or enqueued Script libraries and CSS Frameworks ⚡️Convert HTML to Bricks Builder Elements : Use your favorite IDE (VS, Sublime …) to write HTML and paste as Bricks Elements Copy the code from any website and paste it as Bricks…

  • Installation

  • Scripts Manager

    Enable the feature This feature is disabled by the default.Check Enable Scripts Manger and save changes. Add new script Navigate to the Swiss Knife Bricks > Scripts Manager and press “+ Add New Script” Scripts Configuration Script Name To make it easier to recognize, choose a unique and descriptive name. Script Type Script types you…

  • Paste HTML as Bricks elements

    Revolutionary feature for bricks that will allow you to create an entire website page or template with just a couple of clicks. Copy entire page. Paste into bricks. Connect the framework or add your classes system and you are up and running. Enable the feature This feature is disabled by the default.Check Paste HTML and…

  • HTML Editor

    This feature is enabled with HTML Paste feature as it’s using the same Clipboard function. After the feature is enabled you will get “Code inside Clipboard” icon inside Bricks Topbar. Once clicked you will get a code editor with overlay popup to write HTML.

  • Copy-paste classes

    If you are using utility classes or you have already added content, styling should be easy. At the moment, you need to The biggest problem is that you must repeatedly repeat steps 1, 2, and 3. Focus should be on visuals. Coping the classes is also beneficial: the action can be repeated until you don’t…

  • Multiselect

    Multi-select, Multi-edit Enable Copy/Paste action This feature is disabled by the default.Check Enable Multi-Select and save changes. Use Multi-select Once feature is activated you can hold Shift + Click on elements inside Bricks Structure panel. Use Multi-select Edit Once you select multiple elements you can:

  • Plain Classes

    Enable the feature This feature is disabled by the default.Check Enable Plain Classes and save changes. Usage Once activated it will be displayed above Bricks Builder Classes every time you select some Bricks Builder element. Plain Classes vs Bricks Classes Writhing classes and editing them is much easier if the class is plain text and…

  • Visual Enhancements

    This feature just started. It will be a group of UX improvements where does it have sense. Left Sidebar without enabled feature Left Sidebar out enabled feature The idea is that elements should be the same size. So if you start resizing you should have more elements per row.