Scripts Organizer

Getting Started


Scripts Organizer is a WordPress plugin that will replace your CodeEditor and make it possible to write code directly on your website online or in the local environment. Besides conditions to target specific pages, posts, post types, and categories, Scripts Organizer has a powerful feature to trigger code based on time and/ or date period and that makes it very powerful for marketing and online stores.


Scripts Organizer is a paid plugin and does not come from You need to install it manually.

If you are familiar with WordPress, simply log in and go to the Plugins page. From there click on “Add New” and upload the .zip file you received after purchase. If you didn’t, don’t worry. Login to our website and download it.

In order to use and update it after installation, you will need to activate it by pasting the license.

For detailed instructions, please read our step-by-step instruction guide.

Creating Scripts

Scripts Organizer is powered by WordPress’ native look and feel and the learning curve is minimal. You create a Code ( Script ) post by Add New Script button.

Here is a preview of how the code editor looks.

Activating scripts

After you are done writing your code, simply publish it and anyone’s post or page will have the active code.

Education and Support

Good work! This guide covered all the basics needed in order to get started with the Scripts Organizer plugin, but we’ve only scratched the surface. As you learn more about SCORG, you’ll discover new features and functions that can help you take your WordPress website to the next level.

If you have any questions that were not addressed in this guide, go through the rest of the documentation for more information and read step by step about what each feature does.

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