Scripts Organizer

Code Blocks

What is it?

Code Blocks is simply an expression for the name of our custom post type or one script post that can have three scripts locations inside.

Code Block Locations

Every code block can contain Header, Footer, and PHP or Shortcode. That is useful for a much better organization.

For example, you can use an animation script like GSAP where you want to hide elements with CSS and do animations from opacity 0 to 1 with JavaScript. It is much easier to have them under one code block than to have Opacity animation – CSS and Opacity Animation JS code blocks.

Create Code Block

Since we are using WordPress native you will create Code Block the same as any other page, post, or custom post. Create it by pressing the button on the top inside Admin Page:

screenshot 2021 11 08 at 20.26.48
Empty Code Blocks. Ready to start.

Once “Add New” code block is pressed you will enter into Code Block Editor Interface.

Admin Columns

After Code Blocks are created you will see them inside the admin table.

screenshot 2021 11 08 at 20.33.24

Toggle Execution

Beside Regular elements, you can notice toggles that represent Code Block activity. If the Code block is disabled it will be grey and if active it will become blue. Active Code Block will also have a blueish background to be more visible. Toggle works in Sync with inside code block. If you open code block you will also have an Activity toggle. If you disable it inside admin columns it will be disabled when you enter Code Block. Toggle is auto-applied and after changing the toggle no other action is needed.

Screen Options

If you don’t need some of the admin rows you can navigate to the Screen Options and enable disable them.

screenshot 2021 11 08 at 20.33.38


When you hover the title beside Edit, Quick Edit, and Trash you will get the Export option as well.

screenshot 2021 11 08 at 20.42.41
Single Export

If you need multiple exports you can select multiple or all Code Blocks with a checkbox on the left and toggle Bulk actions.

screenshot 2021 11 08 at 20.43.29
Group Export

Order Code Blocks

Code Blocks order is possible but not included as a feature.

You can use some of the WordPress post order plugins such as: