Scripts Organizer


3.6.2 – 3rd June 2024

Bug fixes:

  • Backslash in SCSS was getting replaced with \”REPLACEBACKSLASH\”
  • CSS Variables popup Search not visible

3.6.1 – 20th May 2024

  • Small Admin UI Fixes and optimisation for compatibility with Gutenberg Studio

3.6.0 – 20th May 2024

  • Add option to hide Scripts Organizer from WordPress Menu and Plugins list
  • Format document with Prettier. Shortcut CTRL () + P


Bug fixes

  • Typo under Features > Scripts Priority. It should be Backend Enqueue Scripts
  • Spinner was always displayed  for regenerate button


  • Regenerate hook to use in other plugins

  • Added current class on list inside edit screen

  • Script type class fix

  • Bug fix for save

  • Script type icon

  • More hooks added in everywhere (login_header, login_footer, admin_init)


  • Fixed OxyProps color palette fix


  • Fixed notice which was coming because of Bricks builder theme colors.
  • Bricks oxypros color options fix, this is done by Osama, you need to check the overflow issue only.
  • Elementor colors bug fix
  • License will remove once deactivate button is clicked
  • Colors picker bug fox for Elementor and Oxygen
  • Added hook after generation of SCSS, CSS, JS files
  • Now No need to reload the page after save of code block or partial on first save
  • Added admin column to show which type of scripts are present in code block
  • Bug fix for post types list as some post types registered by third party plugins were not showing
  • Admin typo fix for Published status


Bug Fix

  • Fixed PHP Notice for Bricks builder theme colors.



  • Import SCSS Partials from files

Bug Fix

  • Partials order was not working with latest Metabox update


Hot Fix:

  • Bug fix for file_get_contents
  • Bug fix for everywhere
  • Bug fix – action/hook and priority fields were showing in admin_only and conditions
  • Bug fix for Everywhere the PHP option don\’t get selected
  • Bug fix for select2 from Avada on code blocks page


Hot Fix:

  • Bug fix – action/hook and priority fields were showing in admin_only and conditions


Hot Fix:

  • everywhere > PHP option wasn\’t getting selected by default and codes were not working



  • PHP Intenseness for WordPress functions
  • Hook and priority


  • PHP code was getting overridden while saving by clicking on update button.
  • Alter table query for scripts manager
  • Avada theme conflicting with our select2 in SCORG



  • Small bug fixes in admin area



  • Scripts order in scripts manager
  • Meta box version updated
  • Tags import feature
  • Bulk Enable/Disable 


  • https bug fix



  • Element0r Color Picker



  • Live (Hot) Reload for SCSS Partials
  • Turned off regenerate files notice


  • SCSS export/import issue fix
  • Fix for code block import to save multiple script locations



  • Variable picker


  • Big performance improvements



  • Search inside Code Block, Partials and Gutenberg Elements list
  • Add Code Block, Partials, and Gutenberg Elements from one location
  • Scripts & Styles Priority
  • Live Reload (Sync) without page reload



  • CSS for Gutenberg add on compatibility



  • Increased code line height and now it\’s changing with font size * 1.45


  • Bugfix for Oxygen stylesheet



  • Removed WP Admin Bar in preview
  • Updated code for Gutenberg Addon



  • Monaco editor was not resizing properly
  • Not possible to save Oxygen Stylesheet after adding custom html character such as \”►\”


  • Name dPlugins to DPlugins



  • scorg-post.php file was being called early then it should
  • Admin blocks list css overlap fixed



  • Color picker from Oxygen Colors
  • Conflict with Oxygen Code Block



  • SCSS Source maps
  • Added HTML, CSS, SCSS and JS to Admin only


  • Preview enhancement
  • Preview enhancement

3.2.2 Fixes:

  • Error with Elementor variable colors aka color picker

3.2.1 Updates:

  • Updated notice bar message about \”Regenerating Files\”, as some users thought they need to regenerate files in Oxygen builder. Link is moved from Scripts Organizer to Regenerate Files.

3.2.0 – Backup your website before update and regenerate the code. Feature:

  • Performance improvements. Things under the hood just got better and faster.
  • Conditions Custom (WP Conditions with support of logical operators)
  • Conditions Exclude
  • Scripts Order
  • New tabs inside editor to navigate faster between Code Blocks and SCSS Partials
  • New Shortcuts
  • Filter Code Blocks and SCSS Partials
  • ID Number inside Code Block and SCSS Partials list
  • Updated Color picker UI and added integration for Elementor and Bricks Colors
  • Sync Files (Edit files on server with FTP and sync back to database)
  • Safe Mode New Look
  • Relocate Code Files
  • Preview feature
  • Monaco Editor for Theme and Plugin Editor


  • Added Trash option in Admin Bar
  • Code Settings section cleaned
  • Server time is moved down to be above time conditions
  • PHP 8 Compatible
  • SCSS PHP Library updated to the latest version

Read more about it: 3.1.1 Fixes:

  • CSS Overlap with Avada Theme on Select2 component

3.1.1 Fixes:

  • CSS Overlap with UI Press, UI Press was hiding post settings
  • CSS Pionet forms, Select 2 was full page width instead of column width


  • SafeMode got more code validations

3.1.0 Feature:

  • Live Preview
  • Advanced Conditions ( Exclude )

3.0.1 Fixes:

  • Oxygen stylesheets bug which was adding backslashes

3.0.0 Feature:

  • New Code Editor
  • Oxygen Stylesheets Editor


  • Performance improvements
  • Admin Column removed zebra
  • Admin Column entire row is colored if active


  • Quick Edit in Admin List
  • Security issue
  • Metabox Pro plugin conflict. If Scripts Organizer is active it was showing Metabox even Metabox is deactivated
  • Scripts Organizer item was visible for non admins even they were not able to open it
  • Color Picker for SCSS was not working due to Oxygen updates

2.4.2 Fixed:

  • Bug when using Color picket in SCSS Partials

2.4.1 Features:

  • SCSS Partials list in Code Block
  • Code Block list in SCSS Partials


  • When a page is set as a Homepage or Posts page (Blog archive ) then the condition was not working.

2.4.0 Features:

  • Export-Import Code Blocks
  • Export-Import SCSS Partials


  • Pressing on SCSS Partials in WP-Admin top bar was leading to Code Blocks and not to the SCSS Partials

2.3.2 Fixed:

  • Color Picker

2.3.1 Features:

  • Insert Oxygen Global Colors (Oxygen native color variables)

2.3.0 Features:

  • Migrate Easily from Code Snippets and Advanced Scripts


  • Ajax refresh settings page after changes are saved
  • Delete files when code block is deleted from trash

2.2.2 Fixed:

  • SCSS was not compiling and was producing errors if partial was empty
  • Bug fix for email tests was not working and emails were not being sent from admin.

2.2.1 Updates:

  • Displaying and running scripts based on local time as per WordPress (previously it was based on universal time)

2.2.0 Features:

  • Navigate fast between Code Blocks and Partials

2.1.2 Features:

  • Code Navigator. Sidebar list to switch fast between Code Blocks and SCSS Partials

2.1.1 Fixed:

  • Unable to update the plugin if the Safe Mode is on

2.1.0 Features:

  • SCSS Partials
  • Create a file for CSS and JS
  • Toggle to exclude code from Page Builders
  • Code Blocklist in WP-Admin top bar to switch fast between them
  • Partials list in WP-Admin top bar to switch fast between them


  • ID Number in Admin bar
  • Safe mode quick toggle in WP-Admin top bar

2.0.0 Features:

  • New Code Editor
  • Options to choose Scripts and Styles in header and footer. (Previously it was HTML-based. The user needed to wrap CSS and JS code with <script> and <style> manually)
  • Collapse Sidebar settings
  • Multiple scripts locations moved to tab


  • Updated Scripts Organizer logo in the admin area
  • Scripts renamed on sever places to \”Code Blocks\”. Admin menu Scripts to Code Blocks. Admin Columns title, Custom Post  Title
  • Updated UI
  • Description tab now expand as content grows
  • Updated logic for enqueue for Scripts Manager


  • Shortcode was displayed even if it is not activated
  • Editor box not showing
  • In a couple of places, colors were hardcoded (not var) and causing it not readable. The dark color on dark background
  • Copy wp_enqueue was broken
  • Dark mode there was overwriting color on Media Library

  1.6.3 Bugs:

  • Edit and Delete buttons was not working due to classes updates

1.6.2 Bugs:

  • Updated E_PARSE handling

1.6.1 Updates:

  • Improved Error messages in Safe Mode


  • Updated compatibility between Swiss Knife and Scripts Organizer

  1.6.0 Features:

  • Dark Mode inside Scripts Organizer plugin interface
  • Code Editor dark theme
  • Custom font size for Code Editor
  • Toggle Multiple Code Editors between row and column view
  • Enable Fullscreen Mode
  • Included first shortcut CTRL (or Cmd) ⌘ + S saves current script without need to click on the Update button
  • Admin only option to run script only in admin


  • Moved folder for PHP Scripts from plugin folder to the uploads directory
  • Code Refactoring for better WordPress 5.7 support
  • Toggle enable/disable script will be applied without the need to Save/Update the script again
  • Server time is smaller and less prominent
  • Check the code validation button is moved to the bottom right corner


  • When Script was registered in Swiss Knife, Scripts Organizer was getting an error if the script was enqueued
  • Updated compatibility with the latest Metabox plugin


Several Mind-Blowing Features:

  • Now you can write scripts in the Header, Footer, and Function at the same time. 
  • Scripts Manager that is cross-functional with Swiss Knife you can register it in one plugin and use it in another
  • Apply hooks and functions before everything ( previously was fired only after our filters ) 
  • Apply hooks and functions in the admin only
  • Tags for betters Scripts Organisation and filtering in Admin bar
  • Enable/Disable Shortcodes in Admin bar
  • Enable/Disable Scripts upload
  • Features page to make features modular


  • License menu renamed to Licence & Support
  • Links inside Licence & Support are updated ( removed https://www, added youtube channel )
  • Added Changelog link


  • Selected time was not working, only time range was working
  • WP-Stateless conflict

  1.4.0 Updates:

  • Complete UI redid ( moved into 1 row, it was a UI conflict with Assets Cleaner )


  • Safe Mode ( In case there is PHP Error )
  • Support for PHP
  • Support for Shortcode

  1.3.0 Updates:

  • Complete UI redone
  • Plugin Theme will follow the WordPress Admin theme

  1.2.1 Bugs:

  • Fixed bug for header script when setting \”Schedule Script\” to Daily and \”Script Duration\” to All Day

  1.2.0 Features:

  • Added description option for each script


  • Scripts Planner renamed to Scripts Organizer
  • In Scripts list in Admin – Enable/Disable moved in front of the title


  • When the user was selecting a specific post type then code was not working

  1.1.0 Features:

  • Added option to select a date range (From-To). Previously we only had a specific date option.
  • Added option to choose any registered Custom Post Type inside WordPress
  • Added option to choose any registered Taxonomy inside WordPress

  1.0.0 Scripts Planner for WordPress Features:

  • Easy Way To Enable-Disable Scripts
  • Schedule Script Date: Specific weekdays / Specific date
  • Schedule Script Time: Set up hours and minutes
  • Scripts Location:  Header / Footer
  • Current Server Time Banner
  • Target Post And Pages: Handpick Post / Page
  • Code Editor: CodeMirror included