Swiss Knife Oxygen

Oxygen Builder Themes

With Swiss Knife themes you will get optimized elements that bring necessary actions into the focus. Get a richer experience with a more emphasized UI. There are several themes you can choose from: Dark, Light, and Default (Oxygen Builder Colors).

Dark theme

Brings a richer and more vivid look. It’s perfect for saving eyes during the night and brings much more contrast than the default theme. It’s not just the colors that are changed here. Input fields and buttons have emphasized hovers states and icons have more contrast. With all combined, you will get a modern look and faster flow when you won’t struggle to spot things faster.

Light theme

Lighten themes are known for better contrast than dark themes. Especially if you work during the day close to the window or outside. By purchasing the Swiss Knife you will unlock this theme that was missing from Oxygen Builder.

Default Theme

If you are not a fan of big contrasted GUIs and you prefer Oxygens Builder default colors you can still have that option and enjoy the rest of the Swiss Knifes features.

Change theme

Dark theme is enabled by default when the plugin is activated. If you want to change the theme. Go to the Swiss Knife > Features. Choose your preferred theme and hit save.

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