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Import & Lock Multiple Classes at once

Finally, you can use your favorite frameworks with classes autocomplete. If frameworks are bloated for you, set up your Agency naming convention and use it in every project.

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Classes folder

Imported classes need to have a folder where they will be stored. Before you import them, go to selectors and create a folder.

Class name convention

  1. When importing classes make them comma-separated
  2. Class names don’t need to consist of dots in front of the name. It will be added automatically

Import Classes

Import classes option is located under:

  1. Tob bar
  2. Manage
  3. Settings
  4. Import Class tab

Manage Imported Classes

All imported classes can be found under selectors > used folder ( then classes were imported ). Then can be managed as any other class made from oxygen builder.

New Feature: Lock when importing

When importing classes now it’s available to lock that at the same time. Activate checkbox and all clases will be lock during import.

Note: This will not effect previously imported classes. They are locked in import process.

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