Self Hoster

Download Buttons

Plugin is shipping two custom blocks “Download Button”. Static and Dynamic.

screenshot 2024 06 25 at 16.52.45

Dynamic Button

Is no more then permalink to your download file. Use it in Query or in the single post template where you instead of getting link to the post you will get link to the post => download file.

Static Button

With Static Button you will get option to manually choose download file. You can use it anywhere on the website where you want fetch download file.

screenshot 2024 06 25 at 16.59.39
screenshot 2024 06 25 at 16.59.51

Styling Button

You can style it same as any other block, just go the second “Styles” tab and you will find settings for:

  • Color
    • Text
    • Background
  • Typography
    • Size
    • Decoration
    • Font family
    • Appearance
    • Line height
    • Letter spacing
    • Letter case
  • Dimensions
    • Padding
    • Marging
  • Border
    • Border
    • Radius

Styling options are the same for the Dynamic and Static Button.

screenshot 2024 06 25 at 17.10.32

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