Winden 1.0

Introduction to Winden 1.x.x

🊄 Winden will help you enjoy building a beautiful website using page builder and Tailwind CSS.

ðŸĪ It works on any server, even shared-hosting. No need to install Node.js!

👋 Winden is a WordPress plugin that allows you to use Tailwind CSS inside your favorite page builders. It is agnostic and has no vendor lock-in, so you can use it with others page builders like Gutenberg, Elementor, Bricks Builder, Oxygen Builder, Zion Builder, etc.


Winden is built with the following features in mind:

  • ⚛ïļ Tiny Final CSS :
    • A single CSS file for the entire website with less than 10KB
    • Cache the final CSS file for production
  • 🔓 Agnostic Integration :
    • No vendor lock-in. Work with any of your favorite page builders
    • Simple WordPress hooks to integrate your page builder
    • The built-in support would be added for more page builders in the future
  • ✂ïļ Developer Experience :
    • The latest Tailwind CSS version (3.x) is always available
    • Support for Tailwind CSS plugins, powered by Skypack
    • WordPress hooks to customize the behavior of Winden
  • ⚖ïļ Hybrid :
    • Development — Developing your site accompanied by Tailwind CSS CDN and get the feedback instantly
    • Production — Generate a single cached CSS file using the Worker
  • ⚡ïļ Lightning-fast and ðŸŠķ Lightweight : Production-ready with no performance impact


The rest of the documentation assumes basic familiarity with Tailwind CSS. If you are new to Tailwind CSS, it might not be the best idea to jump right into the Winden as your first step – grasp the basics, then come back! 💊

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