• Custom Block Category

    New category “Gutenberg Studio” is added by the default and you can assign any new custom block to it. Rename Category New category in Editor When you open add new block you will see new category as on top of all groups

  • Changelog

  • Intro video

    Please take a look at this video to get you started Or read documentation for all the details

  • Create Gutenberg Block

    Block Title will define block name be displayed when you try to add Gutenberg block. You can add Gutenberg block in several ways. Most common is to type slash “/” and then start typing block name or to press plus “+”. Quick Toggle This switch can help you quickly disable blocks without need to delete…

  • Style Blocks

    By the default style are not visible in the Gutenberg editor. 1. Add <style> and write your CSS directly code area 2. Include Code Block style This would be the best practice. Create Code Block and create CSS or SCSS. Then link that code block to Gutenberg Block. Code Block (Header: SCSS) Gutenberg Block include…

  • Get WordPress Classes

    Gutenberg has several helper classes that you can add dynamically to your blocks. Align Additional CSS Classes

  • Manage Custom Fields

    Although we use ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) for creating blocks, under the hood, some actions are not permitted. Following the latest update of ACF PRO, the company has changed its policy. Now, fields cannot be displayed anywhere in the WordPress menu. If you require full ACF Pro features, such as: You should consider purchasing ACF…

  • Advanced Settings

    This is available in version 1.1.0 and above Those options are disabled by default as they may overwhelm beginners. Scroll to the bottom of the settings and enable it by switching the toggle. JSX (for inner blocks) To enable adding blocks inside your block you need to: Insert multiple times on same post or page…

  • Add ACF Pro fields

    Create Block The first step is to create Gutenberg block, so you have where to assign ACF fields to it. If Block is not created you will not be able to target fields location. Create and Assign field to block You need to have ACF Pro to be able to assign fields to the blocks.…