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    Finally, multitasking and collaboration are possible inside Oxygen Builder.Sync changes inside Oxygen Builder between all open tabs or browsers. This tool is perfect for agencies where they have multiple people working on the same website or even the same page. If you are a solo freelancer, this tool will still be beneficial for you as…

  • Installation

    Server Requirements The Collaboration plugin has a few system requirements. Of course, modern hosting satisfies all of these requirements, so it’s highly recommended that you use modern hosting to run the Collaboration plugin. You will need to make sure your server meets the following requirements: Installing Collaboration Log in and download the latest Collaboration plugin…

  • Sync between Tabs

  • Sync between Browsers

  • Sync in Realtime

    We finally made Oxygen Builder useful for agencies and multi user tasking. With Collaboration plugin everything is synced in real time even without pressing the same button and reloading the page or the builder. Synchronisation is done between: Tabs Browsers Machines & the users

  • Sync indicator

    If you have installed, configured, and activated the Collaboration plugin correctly,once you have opened Oxygen builder you will notice the badge “Collaboration with Green Dot” in the bottom right corner. When you reload oxygen builder you will notice a yellow dot is flashing and then it turns out green that means that the Collaboration plug-in…

  • Multi-User Synchronization

    Multi-User Setup This feature works outside of the box and only one pusher setup is needed you don’t need to set it up for users you said it only once and it’s going to work with all users. Once you press on the calibration beds you will see a list of all users and which…