White Label (Asura Connector)

Asura Connector is the Client plugin for accessing the design set from the creator or seller (let say “Provider”). The plugin is fully integrated with the Oxygen Builder, and you will able to access the design set right on your Oxygen Editor.


Server Requirements

The Asura Connector plugin has a few system requirements. Of course, all of these requirements are satisfied by the modern hosting, so it’s highly recommended that you use modern hosting to run the Asura Connector plugin.

You will need to make sure your server meets the following requirements:

  • PHP 7.4+
  • WordPress 5.5+

Installing Asura Connector

  1. Navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Use the search form in the top-right to search “Asura Connector”.
  3. On the search results that appear, click a plugin’s title to read more about it. This page may contain installation notes, plugin documentation or other useful information.
  4. Click the Install Now button to install the plugin.
  5. Click Activate to activate the plugin.

Please read the official documentation for plugin installation instructions.

Adding Provider and License key

To access the design set from the creator or seller (let say “Provider”), you need to set up a proper connection to the Provider’s site.

If you bought or given access to a design set from the Provider, you’ll be given a connector string and license.

connector string: contains a configuration allowing your site to communicate to the Provider’s site securely.

license: is needed to authenticate you on the Provider’s site. Your license is your identity and used to manage the access to design sets and the expiration of access (if subscription-based).

Adding Provider

  1. Navigate to Oxygen > Asura Connector
  2. Click the Add New Provider button on the top right of the screen.
  3. Fill the “Connector String” field with the connector string from your Provider, and click the Save button.
  4. When submission is complete, you’ll see a new Provider on the list table.

Adding License

  1. Navigate to Oxygen > Asura Connector
  2. Click the Manage License button from some Provider on the list table.
  3. Fill the “License Key” field with the license key from your Provider.
  4. Click the + Add button.
  5. Back to previous page, and click the Install Wizard button on the list table. You’ll see the design set list from your license
  6. (Optional) If you just start a new website, you may want to install a complete website (demo website) from the design set. Adjust the options and click the “Install” link on the design set you are want to install. The action will import the configuration from the Provider’s site.

::: warning BE CAREFULL Installing a complete website from the design set will deactivate/overwrite your existing design configuration. :::

Design Library

Your design set will available on the Oxygen Editor (+Add > Library > Design Set). The design set contains a wide range of page sections, and complete pages.

Adding Section & Elements to Your pages

From inside Oxygen, go to +Add > Library > Design Sets. Choose a Design Set, and then browse to Sections & Elements.

Click an element to add it to your page.

oxygen editor

For complete instructions, you may read the official documentation on site